About Contest

Panaceja - is a great tradition of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry, the awards ceremony in September falls closely together with the industries holiday - the day of the pharmaceutical worker.

For many years the organisers of this grand concours have went above and beyond to unite, within the realm of Panaceja, not only professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, but a variety of distinguished and successful professionals in various other industries that work for the PHARMA and provide services of the highest quality such as: analytics, legal guidance, education, advertisement, marketing, PR, tourism, as well as mass media.

The unity of these professionals is crucial to the creation of a networking, co-working and partnership developing space.

The fundamental part of this concours is the marketing research, that is provided by our analytical partners.

Our long lasting partners are: Business Credit, Comcon Pharma- Ukraine, SMD and the multinational and independent marketing company MASMI.